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Posted on July 29, 2011

Here at RSVP Wedding we are passionate about the design aspect of planning a wedding. We believe that a wedding should reflect the couple and take time to explore our clients likes, dislikes, personalities and lifestyle so that we can design a wedding unique to them.

I was therefore in my element when asked by the team at Perfect Wedding to answer a reader’s question on the topic of Creating your Theme.

I’ve got a really pretty country garden theme for my late September wedding. I’ve ordered flowers and made bunting, but I think my venue is still going to look quite bare. Do you have any last-minute ideas I can use to make it look more full and pretty?

Candles and lanterns are an excellent way to make a venue feel more homely. Place tea lights on your tables and around the room for an instant glow, and consider using lanterns outside to provide light later on in the day. Ask a friend to bake a cake and set up a dessert table – this is usually a great focal point. You could also bring in flowers, plants or baskets of fruit from home. Finally, don’t forget your outdoor space; entertain guests with a game of croquet or bowls, and use hay bales for the spectators.


You can read this and other questions on page 276 in the August issue (out now). If there is anything you would like to ask me, email it to and I will post your questions with answers here on our blog.

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