Choosing your Wedding Dress

Posted on August 5, 2011

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the studio of local dress designer, Frances Farmer, from Calm amongst the Chaos.  Frances describes her dresses as ‘a deliciously flirty collection of vintage style bridal wear reflecting the glamourous days of Hollywood’.  I fell in love with the designs Katherine, Grace, Hedy, Gloria and Loretta which can all be seen here.  In addition to her own collection, Frances also offers a vintage inspired couture design and dressmaking service, perfect for the bride who would like a one of a kind, custom made gown.

Calm amongst the Chaos

Frances kindly offered the following tips for choosing the right gown:

When you start thinking about the dress I always think there are key things to consider.

1-What kind of wedding do you want?
2-Do I want the dress styled around the event or vice versa?
3-Do I know what suits me?
4-What is my budget?
5-How important is the dress to me?

These are questions that should be easy to answer as well as helping to point you in the right direction. Some of us have always planned our special day whilst others just happen upon it when the time is right. All the factors give a great insight for you to feel great on the day. Wearing a long corseted dress on one of the most important days of your life may not suit us all and there are many alternatives. Some of us will try on a multi-layered, jewel encrusted creation a feel like a princess whilst others will shrivel at the thought.

The main problem with most gowns will be the fit. Wedding boutiques buy in sample dresses in fairly standard sizes and this is what you get to try on. If deciding to buy from a shop this way the dress will then be ordered in a standard size nearest to your measurements. On arrival most gowns will have to have some alterations.
Some companies offer a made to measure service. This will almost always incur extra cost. The benefits of having made to measure can be amazing. The dress can be made to your proportions including length! Off the peg dresses are nearly always too long and if height isn’t on you side then cutting sometimes 12 or 15 inches off the bottom can spoil the whole line of the skirt.

Colour is always a challenge I feel. Ivory is most popular but consider that there can be up to 70 variants and so making sure the right one to suit can also be a concern. Let me not scare you but if you are spending more on this dress than probably any other in your lifetime make sure it’s what you really want and feel comfortable in.

Outside influence from maybe your Mother or a close relative can be great but also a nightmare. If you really trust their judgement then that’s fine but if you are not totally happy then take a good friend when trying on. Don’t get talked into anything. You are allowed to be a bit of a Bridezilla, after all its your day. I think it’s good to consider Husband-to-be’s opinion, if he’s got one, after all you want him to be entranced!

Good luck and enjoy!

If you would like help with finding your perfect gown, contact Frances on 01425 478894.

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